Monday Weaving Leagues 2022

The Monday Weaving leagues have been adjusted for 2022 in line with the 2021 results and we have three leagues of six teams. 

All games are to be played on a Monday morning or afternoon session.

The league shall run from Monday 16th May to Monday 22nd August.

Fixtures are listed below the league tables, scroll down to view or click on the button below for a pdf copy.

Congratulations to Anne & Merv, Wendy & Barry and Olive & Kevin for winning their respective league.

A League

Ann Bisson & Fred Jeanne
Anne & Mervyn Richardson
Joy Quant & John Moon
Joyce Laffoley & David Ingram
Sally Black & John Le Goff
Maggie Jeanne & Mark Le Cornu

B League

Jack & Jackie Braid
Carol Le Goff & Graeme Le Monnier
Wendy & Barry Simpson
Alice Ferguson & Pat Pierce
Carole Derrien & Joe Sullivan
Suzanne Dolbel & Arthur Adelmann

C League

Jill & Harry Barbet
Christine Woodman & Stuart Weaving
Olive & Kevin Crowhurst
Joyce & Bill Nolan
Jackie Coop & Brian Carter
Carol Ruderham & Alan Cadoret