Data Protection Policy

St Saviours Bowls Club (the “Club”)

Data Protection Policy Statement – The Club is fully committed to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, which is part of the Data Protection Law. The Club will follow procedures to ensure that all members or other servants of the Club (known as the Data Users) who have access to personal data held by the Club are fully aware of and abide by their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection Policy – The Club needs to collect and use personal information about Club members to carry out its function. This information will only be shared with the entities set out in the heading below “Data Sharing”. This personal information will be handled and dealt with properly however it is collected and recorded whether on paper, in computer records or other means. The Club regards the lawful treatment of personal information as very important and essential to maintaining the confidence of its Members. The Club will therefore adhere to the principles of the Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection Principles -Under the Data Protection Principles, the Club undertakes to ensure that data is processed lawfully and correctly, is only obtained for necessary purposes, is relevant, accurate,  up to date and not excessive, will not be retained longer than necessary and will be processed in accordance with the Law. Measures will be taken to ensure that data is kept safe and not used for inappropriate purposes and is not transferred outside Jersey.

Paper Records – Paper documents will stored securely where unauthorised persons cannot access them, kept under lock and key when not in use, removed from communal areas such as copiers and printers and disposed of securely.

Electronic Systems – All personal data held on computers will be protected from unauthorised access, accidental deletion and malicious hacking. It will be stored only in Jersey and on the Club Secretary’s computer. The Club Secretary has been appointed as Data Controller for the purposes of the Regulation.

Data collected by the Club – The Club will only collect data from its Members which is required for the efficient running of the Club. This will include the Member’s name, address, telephone numbers (land line/mobiles), e mail address and date of birth (for age limit competition purposes only), and competition and event information.

Data Sharing – This information (other than date of birth) will be shared with Executive Members of the Club Management Committee and when required to Bowls Jersey, the Sport’s Governing Body, for them to communicate with its affiliated members. Limited information, including names and telephone numbers, will be provided to other Club Members and Members of other clubs for match organising purposes only. Full details (other than age) of Management Committee Members will be provided to other Clubs Management Committees, including Bowls Jersey. Data will only be provided to the government upon a specific request. This may well be required under the Club’s compliance with the licensing laws. Names and competitions results will be provided to the media. No other personal details will be provided to the media.