Club Competitions 2022

This is the provisional schedule for the finals weekend, and it shall be posted in the clubhouse this coming weekend.

Any queries or comments please contact me directly by email or 07797 855 642 – Thanks Graeme

Saturday 17th September 10:00am Start


Team / Player 1


Team / Player 2

Men’s Pairs

John Le Goff / Dougie Huelin


David Gallichan / Richard Woodhouse

Mixed 2 Wood

Rupert Huelin


Lindsey Greechan

Saturday 17th September 11:45am Start

Ladies’ 2 Wood

Lindsey Greechan


Liz Simon

Men’s 2 wood

David Gallichan


Arthur Adelmann

Saturday 17th September 2:00pm Start


Player 1


Player 2


Ladies’ Handicap

Gina Le Long


Lindsey Greechan


Select Pairs

Everingham or Crowhurst


Michael Rive / Guy Walton


Married Pairs

Maggie & Fred Jeanne


 Wendy & Barry Simpson


Senior Citizens

Carole Derrien / Peter Ascroft


David Gallichan / Yvonne Noel


Men’s Novice

Gary Westwood

 Rupert Huelin 

Sunday 18th September 10:00am Start


Player / Team 1


Player / Team 2

Drawn triples

Scott Livingston / Arthur Adelmann

Gary Westwood


David Ingram / Steve Lund

Marie Jacques

Ladies’ Choice

Anne Richardson / Brian Bisson


Crowhurst or Le Goff

Ladies’ Pairs

Carole Derrien / Julie Frank


Sally Black / Margaret Thebault

Mixed Select

Lynne Gould / Mark Hamilton


Lindsey Greechan / Rupert Huelin

Sunday 18th September 2:00pm Start


Player / Team 1


Player / Team 2

Men’s Championship

Mark Le Cornu


Dave Black

Ladies’ Championship

Lindsey Greechan


 Ann Bisson

Men’s Handicap

Rupert Huelin


Michael Rive

Mixed Sets

Jack Braid


Graeme Le Monnier

Men’s 2 Wood

Arthur Adelmann David Gallichan

Ladies’ Novice

Christine Joshua


Stephanie Parrott